Call for Papers

Transnational Communism across the Americas

We invite you to submit chapter in an edited volume on relationships between and among communist parties and their members across the Americas and other communist parties in Europe and Asia during the twentieth century. Most studies of communist parties in the Americas have either focused on individual parties in their national context or on their connection with the Communist International (Comintern) or the Soviet Union. This volume offers a different approach by exploring the connections communist parties within Latin America and throughout the world had with each other and on the broader nationalist, anti-imperialist, labor, solidarity, or other social movements of which they were part. By broadening the field of analysis to include a range of communist parties throughout the Americas, this session will shed light on the variety of realities in which the parties operated and the diversity of programs, policies, and analyses they developed.

We have a preliminary agreement to publish this edited volume with the University of Illinois Press.

Examples of potential topics include:

·       The impact of the Bolshevik Revolution in Latin America.

·       How Latin American communists adapted Marxist principles to local conditions, or came up short in doing so.

·       Relations between Latin American communisms and nationalisms.

·       Relations between Latin American communisms and anti-imperialism.

·       Relation between Latin American communisms and labor movements/unions.

·       Latin American communism in the Cold War.

·       Latin American communism and race/ethnicity/immigration.

·       Gender and Latin American communism.

Submit a title, abstract, and contact information to by April 1, 2019.