List of chapters

  1. Marc Becker, Margaret Power, Tony Wood, Jacob Zumoff, From the National to the Transnational: A Hemispheric Perspective

Part I: Bolshevism and the Americas (1917–1943)

  1. Lazar Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, and Victor Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, “The Comintern, the Mexican Communist Party and the ‘Sandino Case’: The History of a Failed Alliance, 1927–1930
  2. Jacob Zumoff, New Jersey City University, “Black Caribbean Migrants and the Labor Movement and Communists in the Greater Caribbean in the 1920s and 1930s
  3. Frances Peace Sullivan, Simmons University, “The Negro Question in Cuba, 1928-1936
  4. Tony Wood, New York University, “Semi­-Colonials and Soviets: Latin American Communists in the USSR, 1928-1936
  5. Jacob Blanc, University of Edinburgh, “A Relationship Forged in Exile: Luís Carlos Prestes and the Brazilian Communist Party, 1927-1935

Part II: Latin American Communism in the Cold War Frame (1945–1989)

  1. Adriana Petra, LICH-CEL/UNSAM-Conicet, “Latin America and the Communist World in the 1950s: The Networks of Soviet Pacifism and Latin American Anti-imperialism
  2. Patricia Harms, Brandon University, “Breaking the Silence: Communist women, transnationalism and the Alianza Femenina Guatemalteca, 1947-1954
  3. Margaret M. Power, Illinois Institute of Technology, “A Political and Transnational Ménage a Trois: The Communist Party USA, the Puerto Rican Communist Party, and the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, 1934-1945
  4. Marc Becker, Truman State University, “Transnational Youth and Student Groups in the 1950s
  5. Kevin A. Young, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Our Vietnamese Compañeros: How Salvadoran Guerrillas Adapted the “People’s War” Strategy
  6. Tanya Harmer, “Afterword: Remapping the Past