List of chapters

  1. Editors’ introduction

Part I: Bolshevism and the Americas (1917–1943)

  1. Lazar Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, and Victor Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, “The Comintern and the Latin American Communist Parties: between cooperation and misunderstanding
  2. Jacob Zumoff, New Jersey City University, “Afro-Caribbean Migrants, the Labor Movement, and Communists in the Greater Caribbean, 1900­-1930
  3. Frances Peace Sullivan, Simmons University, “The Negro Question in Cuba during the Third Period
  4. Tony Wood, New York University, “Semi­-Colonials and Soviets: Latin American Communists in the USSR, 1928-1935
  5. Jacob Blanc, University of Edinburgh, “A Relationship Forged in Exile: Luís Carlos Prestes and the Brazilian Communist Party, 1927-1935

Part II: Latin American Communism in the Cold War Frame (1945–1989)

  1. Adriana Petra, LICH-CEL/UNSAM-Conicet, “Latin America and the Communist World in the 1950s: Ideas, Networks and Cultural Geographies”
  2. Patricia Harms, Brandon University, “Breaking the Silence: Communism, transnationalism and women in the Alianza Femenina Guatemalteca, 1947-1954
  3. Margaret M. Power, Illinois Institute of Technology, “A Political and Transnational Ménage a Trois: The Communist Party USA, the Puerto Rican Communist Party, and the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, 1934-1945
  4. Marc Becker, Truman State University, “International Student movements in the 1950s
  5. Kevin A. Young, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Hammer and Machete (and Bible): The Transformation of Salvadoran Communism in the 1970s
  6. Brief Conclusion