List of chapters

  1. Editors’ introduction

Part I: Bolshevism and the Americas (1917–1943)

  1. Lazar Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, and Victor Jeifets, professor at the Saint-Petersburg State University, “The Comintern and the Latin American Communist Parties: between cooperation and misunderstanding
  2. Andrey Schelchkov, Instituto de Historia Universal de Academia de las ciencias de Moscu, “Confederaciona de la Republicas Obreras del Pacifico y la Komintern
  3. Jacob Zumoff, New Jersey City University, “Afro-Caribbean Migrants, the Labor Movement, and Communists in the Greater Caribbean, 1900­-1930
  4. Frances Peace Sullivan, Simmons University, “The Negro Question in Cuba during the Third Period
  5. Barr Carr, La Trobe University, “Red New York: US Communism and Émigré Latin American Revolutionaries and Communists 1925-1936
  6. Tony Wood, New York University, “Semi­-Colonials and Soviets: Latin American Communists in the USSR, 1928-1935
  7. Nerina Visacovsky, UNSAM-CONICET, “Argentine Communist Jews: From the Russian Revolution to the Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Latin America

Part II: Latin American Communism in the Cold War Frame (1945–1989)

  1. Adriana Petra, LICH-CEL/UNSAM-Conicet, “Latin America and the Communist World in the 1950s: Ideas, Networks and Cultural Geographies”
  2. Patricia Harms, Brandon University, “Breaking the Silence: Communism, transnationalism and women in the Alianza Femenina Guatemalteca, 1947-1954
  3. Margaret M. Power, Illinois Institute of Technology, “Loyalty Among Comrades: Relations between the Communist Party USA and the Communist Party of Puerto Rico
  4. Marc Becker, Truman State University, “International Student movements in the 1950s
  5. Zhang Kun, Shanghai University, “Public Diplomacy, Chinese Propaganda and Radio Beijing: The Spread of Maoism in Cold War Latin America
  6. Kevin A. Young, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Hammer and Machete (and Bible): The Transformation of Salvadoran Communism in the 1970s
  7. Brief Conclusion