Adriana Petra, LICH-CEL/UNSAM-Conicet, “Latin America and the Communist World in the early 1950s: The Networks of Soviet Pacifism and Latin American Anti-imperialism”

This chapter sets out to analyze the political-intellectual network that in the first half of the 1950s brought together a large group of Latin American intellectuals around the pacifist and non-interventionist motives promoted by the Soviet Union through the World Peace Movement. Taking as its starting point the figure of the Argentine writer María Rosa Oliver, the text sets out to observe an “anti-imperialist moment” which, in the most critical years of the first Cold War and late Stalinism, was articulated around a transnational circuit of trips, publications, and meetings that combined communism with diverse anti-imperialist traditions.

Keywords: Communism; Anti-Imperialism; Cold War; Argentina; World Peace Movement; Latin America; María Rosa Oliver